I tried to pull her panties down, but she resisted, shaking her head and saying she didn’t go that far.

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“Poor Baby,” Cathy said sympathetically, “is that what a tease does to a boy? “It’s causing me a bad case of stone- ache.” “What’s stone-ache? “It means my balls ache from getting all hot and bothered,” I explained. I sat on my bed and took off all my clothes except for my Jockey shorts.

They did little to hide my protruding, rock- hard cock as it made a tent out in front.

I grinned, a rueful grin, but nonetheless a grin, and told her about my evening of sexual frustration. Whether it was because I was so horny and she looked so nice to me or what, but I held her closer than a brother usually holds a sister. Since I didn’t get laid, I guess I’ll have to resort to a hand-job.” Cathy’s eyes got wide and she said, “You mean masturbate? ” “Yeah,” I said, laughing quietly, “I guess that’s what I mean. But she didn’t come through, so I’m out of luck this evening.” Cathy said so low that I had to strain to hear her, “I know a girl who will do it for you this evening if you’ll show her how.” “You do? She said that was the “least thing she could do for her sweet big brother.” We turned off the TV and all the lights and went to my room.

From being so up-close and personal, she had no difficulty learning that I still had a raging hard-on from my unrelieved ache. Since I couldn’t get a girl to give me a hand-job, I’ll just have to do it myself.” “Does it feel better if a girl does it? Even though there weren’t any lights on, there was sufficient light from a street light to be able to see fairly clearly.

She gasped a little, and said, “God, I had no idea you were so big.

This is the first hard penis I’ve ever seen, and I didn’t know they got so big. She might not have known how, but she had learned in a hurry.

I took the girl’s hand and put in on top of my throbbing cock.

She just left her hand there, totally inert, and didn’t do a thing with it.

All I wanted to do was get her to her house and me back to my house so I could give myself a nice slow hand-job and get rid of the ache between my legs.

She quickly rearranged her clothes back to where they should be and seemed relieved that her ordeal was over. I decided that from then on I’d listen when Cathy tells me a girl is just a tease. Our parents had already gone to bed, but she was sitting up watching TV.

She was blossoming into womanhood and filled out the top of her pajamas very nicely.