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Information delightfully divided between “some machines” (Singer 15) and “other machines” (66/201), but plenty of “if your parts look like this, do this…”.

Illustrations drawn from Singer and Janome manuals. Care, maintenance and use of treadle machines, with generic information pertinent to a wide range of models (including hand-wound). It dismisses treadles in an introductory paragraph and everything else pre-1960 in the following two pages.

So is putting them in the car and taking them to the menders.

Most of the repair books will help decide when to take which route.

Extremely thorough and profusely illustrated with CLEAR photos of virtually every moving part, plus tensions, timings, case refurbishment, etc. Clearly written by an Old Sewing Machine Guy as his cloth-capped picture reassuringly confirms on the cover. An extensive troubleshooting guide with sufficient instructions to help operators maintain their machines.

A short but informative book - originally written in the early twentieth century - that quickly explains the workings of domestic machines by shuttle type (transverse, vibrating, oscillating and rotary) - even a passage on the Class 29 bootpatcher - with sufficient information to get most machines back in time/tension etc. Generic information but clearly presented and illustrated.Singer produced hundreds of domestic models and over a thousand (slightly) different industrials.Mending sewing machines IS within the capabilities of most people.Our site provides an opportunity for single men and women to date meet and ultimately take their relationship further.Remember we only give you the starting point to meet a woman who might become your future wife.Eastern culture and traditions make Russian and Ukrainian women not only very well educated but also very good mothers and housewives.