A wrestler and a woman reported to be his ex-wife have been arrested after being caught having sex at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Robert Beasley, 28, and Desiree Anderson, also 28, were filmed engaging in the lewd act on the bleachers at the State Fair Park in Milwaukee on Saturday.

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First, it's important to mention that the people behind the kiss cam have been known to fake awkward moments like this, and it's very possible that this kiss cam fail was faked as well. There's not a clear record on when the kiss cam first popped up in sporting events, but Deadspin estimates that it became A Thing in the early 90s.

Since then, the people controlling the camera have historically panned only to pairs of men and women.

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A horrified bystander filmed them and shared the footage on social media.

After realizing he was being filmed, Beasley continued thrusting and waved when the person behind the camera told him to 'say hi to mom'.

The Smoking Gun claims Beasley and Anderson were at one time married.