By 2006, he was divorced and he and Jillian were engaged and living together in a Wrigleyville apartment building he owned a piece of.

This was the milieu Jillian Archer was entering when she began a whirlwind romance with Jeff Hollingshead, the fast-rising Outfit power with a cemented reputation as a valued thief, debt collector and labor-union racketeer.

In a matter of days, Archer went from intently studying for exams to parading around Chitown’s most expensive restaurants and poshest nightclub hotspots with the city’s mafia elite, frequently flying first class across the country on her husband’s arm as he went around taking care of Outfit business.

The elderly Di Fronzo accidentally backed his sports utility vehicle into Jillian’s car, causing damage, at one of the dinners she attended, per an FBI filing.

That same FBI filing reveals an incident in Las Vegas at Rain nightclub inside The Palms Hotel and Casino in 2012 where Jillian was in the VIP lounge alongside Jeff, Vena and Bobby Panozzo and Jeff got into a physical altercation, pummeling another patron for making a lewd remark to her, at which point, police were called and nightclub personnel ushered the Grand Avenue crew mafia entourage into a secret quarters of the kitchen (served champagne and caviar while cops scoured the premises) to avoid detection.

His glass manufacturing business in Las Vegas explained his constant need to travel and why he would sometimes be gone for weeks on end.

It didn’t take long though for Jeff to come clean and to tell his future bride Jillian what he really did for a living.

Panozzo’s decision to rob his house of all cash and jewelry – using Big Paulie Koroluk as his “entry man” – and simultaneously make a romantic play for Jillian, literally within hours of him being put behind bars, sent the Hollingsheads running to the feds.

Jillian’s retrieval of an alleged “witness hit list” in the Mustang she got as her engagement present, a piece of paper Jeff was handed by his attorney and notorious Chicago mob mouthpiece Joe Lopez with instructions to “give to this Bobby, he’ll know what to do with it,” gave them leverage.

Jeff Hollingshead, 49, and a former lieutenant working directly under reputed Westside captain Albert (Albie the Falcon) Vena, is currently in prison facing 40 years on kidnapping and racketeering charges.

Half-Italian and half-German with a history in the trucking industry and as a seasoned strong-arm, Jeff is a first cousin to Vena’s alleged second-in-command, Christopher (Christy the Nose) Spina. Their cooperation and testimony in front of the grand jury spearheaded the July 2014 racketeering indictment of Vena’s No.

In exchange for the list which had been in Panozzo’s possession until he inadvertently turned it over to Jillian and her keeping tabs on the Outfit’s Westsiders for the government, the Illinois State’s Attorney agreed to return a BMW of hers that was confiscated after a DUI arrest.