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Why, I wondered, was life speeding up as I got older? And that’s when I realized something: The less present you are during the day, the more quickly it feels like time is passing.

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When you’re present, for example while doing something you love, you aren’t thinking. Watching someone’s fitness improvements on instagram only make you feel worse about yourself.

Watching your friend’s latest trip to Paris just makes you jealous and feel worse about your life.

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Mijn naam is Sven, ben een spontane en lieve jongeman die weet wat een vrouw wil.

Ik ontvang je discreet op 5 min van de E40 in les hortensia's ik hecht veel belang aan hygiëne.

I wasn’t having fun anymore, even when I was having fun.

One rainy afternoon I was wondering why the hell I had fallen into this state. So for the afternoon I decided to just hang out and research (and think) all I could on what makes life pass us by so quickly.

I cannot emphasize the importance of quitting Facebook for the sake of your happiness. Look at people bragging about their lives (even if they hated them, they made them look good on Facebook).