It was so big it barely fit in my mouth, and my poor attempts to deep throat ended with me gagging - to the joy of him and my husband! I sucked it like I’d been cock-starved for years (and I suppose I had! Just the head of it filled my mouth, making my pussy even wetter. It slid in slowly, forcing me to scream and gasp out of genuine, ecstatic pleasure.

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" He told me that he’d spoken to his close friend at work about not being able to please me sexually and that his friend had told him exactly how to - and that he is sure I will be totally pleasured...

He asked me if I like BIG, hard cocks that I can gag on and ride all night?

I’d almost forgotten my husband was there, and as I looked over to him I saw him totally engrossed in the action, stroking his cock like he’d just discovered sex for the first time.

I was moaning and groaning in sheer pleasure at what this man was doing to me, my slippery cum squelching as he pushed his fingers deeper, the sound of his tongue exploring me turning me on like nothing else.

" When the guy came over he stood and shook my husband's hand, called me over and put my hands in his trousers. My pussy was wetter than it’s ever been, and all because not only was he tall, dark and handsome, but his cock was fucking HUGE!

It must have been at least 11 inches of long, hard, thick, rippling muscle, and all I could think of was him bending me over and sliding that big, juicy, throbbing cock inside me.If you saw the photos you literally could not wait to fuck them..You should see this as a treat and if you like it then we can do it more often!He knew how to please a woman in every way possible. So, rather than get straight to the fucking like I wanted, he led me to the bed, slowly took off my top and my bra, and began kissing and sucking on my (hard! The thought of what we did next makes me feel like I’m gonna cum all over again!He laid me down, pulled off my little panties, and spread my legs wide.I was riding it like a mad woman, gyrating, moaning, screaming, eyes rolling, beginning to feel faint with ecstasy.