Outdoor games can be something as simple as an organized sporting event when it comes to adults.

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After you have your objects, divide kids into teams, and organize them into a relay race format.

To win the game, the entire team must swim across the length of the pool (or width, if your swimmers are very young), and keep the object dry.

” you’ll definitely want to check out the following ice breaker questions.

Great icebreaker questions are perfect for spurring meaningful discussion and getting things off to a friendly and productive start. They are a casual segue into the main part of the interview while revealing important information about the candidate’s aptitude for the job.

Good icebreaker questions can stimulate a thoughtful answer in even the shyest of people, put them at ease, and provide a window into their personality.

So if you find yourself resorting to dry fallbacks like, “Isn’t this weather something?

While it may not be conventional, an interview can be a great place to ask more fun ice breaker questions as well.

Funny or humorous icebreaker questions can give the interviewer insight into whether or not the interviewee will be a good fit with your workplace culture.

In the summer, host a BBQ at the neighborhood pool and play a game of rowdy inner tube water polo - same rules as regular water polo apply, only it all must be done from inside inner tubes or other pool float toys.