“I think we were both apprehensive, both a little bit nervous,” the of reuniting with his ex-wife, 51, on camera.

“She’s just a sweet, genuinely loving person — that’s who she is — so the crew and other cast members just fell in love with her.” PHOTOS: Stars' Soap Opera Beginnings As for their own relationship, after ending their 13-year marriage in June 2006, the pair have remained close for the sake of their sons, Peter, 24, and Harrison, 20. We’re very present parents and very good friends,” Jack explains. We still love each other very much.” PHOTOS: '90s TV Stars: Then & Now In fact, it was Jack himself who asked Kristina to join after Hallmark President Bill Abbott presented the idea to him!

The sources close to him said that it was a big surprise that Kristina was able to put up with him and his secret relationships for so many years.

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Jack Black is becoming showbiz’s biggest polka persona since John Candy and Eugene Levy played the Shmenge brothers.

Black — who stars in the new Netflix film “The Polka King” — performed on Stephen Colbert’s show and “Today” as real-life polka sensation-turned-convicted Ponzi schemer Jan Lewan.

Series regular Lori Loughlin, whose character began a romance with Jack’s character at the end of the first season, completes the love triangle.

And even better — the real-life ex-spouses will be involved in a love triangle throughout the second season of the show.

He also has a daughter from a previous relationship.

It was said that his girlfriend told him that she was pregnant and gave birth to his daughter, only after she gave her for adoption. After 23 years, Kelly, his daughter, tracked him down.

It was said that he was in a relationship with Liza Greer when Kristina got divorced and he left Greer, to be with Kristina. Six months after her son was born, she left the house with the child.

It was said that Jack was having a relationship with two women, Paula Irvine and Nona Arvesen and that was the reason why Kristina left Jack.

He tied the knot with his co-star Kristina Wagner in 1993.