They are determined to make it work.‘I have seen in arranged marriages in the Orthodox Jewish community that the parents very carefully look at compatibility – it is not left to chance.

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He said: ‘The idea is we must not leave our love lives to chance.

We plan our education, our careers and our finances but we’re still uncomfortable with the idea that we should plan our love lives.

Six years earlier, Robyn alerted her classmates about her sex change with a brief news item in the alumni magazine.

But this was the first time she would come face-to-face with many of her former classmates for an extended period of time.

He has interviewed more than 100 couples in arranged marriages to assess their strength of feeling and studied his findings against more than 30 years of research into love in Western and arranged marriages.

His work suggests that feelings of love in love matches begin to fade by as much as a half in 18 months, whereas the love in the arranged marriages tends to grow gradually, surpassing the love in the unarranged marriages at about the five-year mark.

With the Navy still very much a macho environment, Robyn could not be certain what her reception would be like. The formal dinner was held in a reception hall at the Navy Marine Corps Stadium, with guests seated by companies at ta- bles of ten.

Would there be stares and whispers, curiosity and gossip? Most of the men wore tuxedos or dark suits, with the women attired in evening gowns and cocktail dresses.

With soaring divorce rates and record numbers of single-parent households in the West, researchers suggest it is time to rethink the Western approach to love.