‘When they told me about [Mc Busted], they knew I was in the middle of doing this record,’ Charlie explains.’The band was a lifetime ago.

But I'm really happy that they're doing it, and they look they're enjoying it - now it just wouldn't be right for me to do.’‘Obviously it wasn't a pleasant time and they wanted to carry on but I was in such a bad head space, I just had to get out of it,’ the singer thinks back.

‘They've always been supportive of me since leaving the band and it's great to see them enjoying it.’‘I went for a long time keeping completely out of touch with Matt and James, but now that they are doing music again, we've got in touch and it's really nice.

‘I've never really done anything like that so it might be cool working with them or get my song remixed by someone.

Long Road Home is Charlie’s second solo album - and eighth studio album including his former bands’ back catalogues - and it presents a West Coast acoustic sound that feels more personal to him than ever before.

J Simpson case, Los Angeles police are now examining a knife that was found at the disgraced athlete's estate and handed over to a traffic cop who kept it hidden at his home for up to 18 years - only declaring it in January this year.

The LAPD has confirmed that it is analyzing the folding Buck knife to determine whether it has any connection to the 1994 double murder of Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. He would have drawn me a map and told me where it was.

Smith starred in the show (right image, top right) alongside Fawcett (right image, top left)During the three week trial in Los Angeles, several of Fawcett’s friends and a former caretaker testified for O’Neal that she told them that one of the Warhol portraits belonged to the Oscar-nominated actor. This painting has been in his life for more than 30 years.

The court heard that the stars behaved like a married couple during their nearly 30-year relationship even though they never wed and split after Fawcett caught O’Neal in bed with another, much younger woman at their Malibu beach house in 1997.‘This is an important case for Ryan O'Neal. Farrah Fawcett was the love of his life,’ Singer said.

It's a feel good record.’‘That sound is definitely making a bit of a comeback,’ Charlie agrees.

‘The influences I had are very much reminiscent of the stuff my dad used to play.

His responsibility was to turn it in and not try to use it as a piece of memorabilia,' said Goldman, whose son was 25 years old when he was found dead alongside Brown-Simpson. : Orenthal James Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, 35, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, 25, a waiter at the restaurant where she had just dined, are found stabbed and slashed to death in front of her home in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Brentwood Memorable moments included Simpson trying on a pair of gloves matching those found at the crime scene and at his home. Simpson, debuts on FX to protests from the families of the victims, who complained they weren't consulted during production.

During closing arguments, defense lawyer Johnnie Cochran famously quipped 'If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.': A drama series based on the murder trial, named American Crime Story: The People v.

I never felt mature enough and now I feel like I can take on those responsibilities.’‘I am nervous about it,’ the singer says as I ask whether he’s worried about the new album’s reception.