If they accept it, just say it was nice meeting them and go on your way.They will have time to process the fact you approached them and can decide to write you a message and you can take it from there.

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Kuta), you will be overrun by Australians and other Western tourists. First thing you must know is that in Indonesia your exotic value will be sky high (esp. You will notice this especially in 2nd tier cities but also in the capital Jakarta.

If you go to the shopping malls around the city, you will get a lot of stares.

A lof of tourists usually go straight on to the popular Bali.

There you have the different vibe, the main religion is not Islam here but Hindu. If you go to the cities with the best nightlife (i.e.

There are always plenty of coffee shops and little snack bars around.

Day game is a bit more challenging but if you’re up for it, it can be very rewarding.

The best places for day game are the shopping malls.

Indonesian girls go there with friends and the staff that’s working there are often bored.

You might misread this as a sign of disinterest but they probably will be just intimidated.

A way to get around this auto-pilot reaction of Indonesian girls is to hand them your number on a piece of paper.

Indonesian girls definitely match to and often surpass other of their South East Asian sisters, such as Thai girls or Cambodian girls (et alii). This is because the country is still very much in development. If you’re on a budget look to stay around Blok M shopping mall. However, it’s also known as Jakarta’s red light district so for some Jakarta girls it has a negative overtone to it.