In a landmark 2014 judgment, the Supreme Court granted legal status to transgender people and made them eligible for quotas in employment and educational institutions.

Most saxophonists play their instruments standing up, but today, Prasant Radhakrishnan is sitting down.

His legs are crossed, his back is upright; the saxophone droops like a brass pipe from his mouth to the floor.

The Sauk call themselves Thakiwaki or Sa ki wa ki, which means "people coming forth from the water." The Sac or Thakiwaki lived near Lake Huron and Lake Michigan at the time of European contact.

In 1832 they participated in the Black Hawk War against the United States.

“If they are begging or are engaged in sex work, they face more abuse from the police,” said Shubha Chacko, executive director of the Solidarity Foundation, which helps transgender people find jobs.

Doley Barman, director of the National Police Academy, said police training includes “sensitization modules on dealing with the transgender community”, as well as visits to areas where trainees can interact with transgender people.

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The results showed that they face a high risk of abuse and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

The HIV prevalence among India’s transgender community is estimated at 7.5 percent, much higher than the country’s average of 0.3 percent, government data shows.

Transgender women fear police action under a British colonial-era law that prohibits “carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal”, which is widely interpreted to refer to homosexual sex.