If you’re an assistant and your boss is asking you this, you probably need to find out who the right person is to consult.) In other cases, this might end being a conversation to have with your boss.How you’d handle that depends on the specifics of the situation. With the shoe on the other foot, I realized those emails were comforting even though I was well aware of the problem.

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Here are the two important lessons I learned as a result.

I am more senior in my role here at my company, and a lot of colleagues like to reach out to me for help.

But there are times when it’s appropriate — and in fact necessary — to communicate that you aren’t the right person to do something.

That’s especially true when dealing with coworkers, but it can be true with you’re communicating with your manager as well (although usually that should be rarer).

On a lark, I checked Yahoo’s ‘View your recent login activity’ link.

Upon getting home I went about securing my account.You might check with Jane to see if she can point you in the right direction.” * “I’m not usually the person who handles that. ” (Whether or not those last two are appropriate will depend on the nature of your role.If you’re the CFO and someone is asking you about making a change to the website, this is probably appropriate.Is it possible for me to punt on X and Y, at least until we’re over the hump on A and B, or should I be prioritizing things differently?” “You’ve been asking me lately to get more involved in talking to the media.For example: “I noticed that you’ve increasingly been asking me to help with X and Y.