That’s all well and good, as long as you KEEP IT IN YOUR HEAD. I turned to the written word when I was left to twist in the wind.Don’t say anything, write anything, text anything or email anything before you carefully, thoroughly decide if it’s appropriate. I wrote pitiful, awful letters to my wayward husband, wherein I took all the blame for everything bad that had happened in our marriage.

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But I remember wanting to talk to women who went through this interesting life experience and not really finding a whole lot out there on the subject.

Sure, there are divorce sites, cheating hubby sites, all that flim-flam/angry chat board groupie thing.

That’s not essential information, but personally, that’s good to know. I did a lot of things that I shouldn’t have, and it would have been really cool to have had someone there to give me a heads-up when I was going about it the wrong way. When we start to freak out we get that panic-stricken breathing thing going on, and that’s not conducive to rational thinking. You are going to have a million things running through your mind all at once.

So here is my little list of information on how to survive the trauma of divorce. Which you will definitely need to be doing at this point. You are going to want to negotiate, maim, give up, maim some more, accept all blame, pass the buck, yada yada yada.

I seem to see a lot of them with their legs spread out, arms out to their sides as someone runs a wand over them.

Is there a lot of wishing they would be stripped searched?She was enjoying her stay in Cuba, but her thoughts kept racing back to her first day and her experience at the terminal.She had spent every day looking around the city and also the countryside.Like when you realize one of the other things that no one tells you…. Life will be completely different for you now, but when you think about it, maybe that isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes even something as devastating as being left behind can be a gift. One person, Natalie came back with, “Yea, I know I wouldn’t mind.” This is my story to her.