These penalties are high because the laws were meant to stop adults from sexually abusing children.

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The maximum penalty for an act of indecency is 2 years in jail if the person in the picture is under 16.

If the person is over 16, the maximum penalty is 18 months in jail.

It’s also a crime when it involves harassing people of any age.

In NSW, the law says you can consent to both sex and sexting at age 16.

This national law bans sexting for anyone under 18.

When sexting involves someone under 18, it can be ‘child pornography’ or an ‘indecent act’.

In the message she said that Gary’s penis was shaped like a parsnip.

If Gary was under 18 when the photo was taken, then Charlotte could be charged with publishing child pornography.

Even if Gary was 18 or older in the photo, Charlotte could be charged with other crimes, like publishing an indecent article.

Gary may also be able to take private legal action against Charlotte for breach of confidence.

To learn more about what the law says, see our prezis: Sexting is using the internet or your phone to share nude/sexy pictures.