.) These books posed a lot of questions that made me think, made me mad, or made me glad.

Since I disagreed with so many of her conclusions, I thought I would pose several of the books’ questions and many of my own.

She will at times will be conflicted about you, the relationship, herself and this will manifest in odd ways and will impact your feelings.

She will at times will be hormonal, angry at something else but have you as a target, and this will impact your feelings.

We are all so tender that we can’t tell each other how we feel and we each end up wondering where we stand with each other.

(FEMALE 3): Have you ever looked up the word “trifle” in the dictionary?

Otherwise I’d step WAY back until both parties are on the same page again… Whenever this is said, you should both seriously sit down and discuss where both of you are at. (FEMALE 2): God knows the desires of our hearts more than we do about ourselves. What we think we want may not be what is best for us. The harder question is, “Do you know God’s desires for you?

I think, they call that integrity (or self preservation). To answer [Female 2]’s question: I would say if it were me– I would have to know that the Lord is leading me to propose before I did it. However, I see for me in my mind– a man proposing to me– but God always seems to change my ideas for my life. ” If you truly do not love someone or you still don’t know… When that statement has been uttered, your relationship has turned a corner. Key major announcements do need to be timed for maximum impact. (MALE 1): If you have given your feelings over to God and hear from God, you will know after a season what your feelings about a person are. ” His plan may be very different for your life than the plan you have for yourself.Men should be upfront to a woman if they are not interested, and should never “toy” with a female’s feelings. I”m always going to be physically attracted to huge muscle-bound, testosterone-laden romance-novel-esque hunks…(FEMALE 4): If there are no disconnects in where the relationship is headed and clear boundaries are agreed upon for sustaining a relationship, then trifling can’t exist. but it’s the mind and heart that wins out, I believe, in a good relationship….If she is sincere about not wanting you to chase her, she will be upfront and let you know that she is not interested. I will have to trust God to give me someone that will help me on my walk with the Lord.At that point, you can apologize for the inconvenience and then move on with your life. I trust that it will be someone who will not take me off the road or to take a detour.You know– I have even gotten to the place in my life where I can see myself even being content single for the rest of my life ( about 75% of the way at least).