To start, the app sports a clean, yet powerful photo capture screen, allowing you to access some basic settings and effects right from it.

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Well, I'm not suggesting you to buy an expensive webcam. Even better, get alerts for face detection and audio.

All I'm saying is use your i Phone as a webcam with these top class apps! Let's dive right in to discover what's more these best i Phone webcam apps can do!

Once you are done, you can share them via email or by using any major social network.

Note: To take full advantage of all that Snapbucket has to offer, such as being able to follow other users, discover nice shots and upload your pictures, you will have to create a free Photobucket account first.

As you can see, each of the photo apps mentioned above offer something different.

In my testing, I found Camera360 to be the most complete of the bunch, but you might like any of the other for their specific features as well.You can either take a picture or pick one from your camera roll and then the app provides you with a pretty extensive set of options for customizing it, including different filters, effects, frames and such.Interestingly, Snapbucket also has a very convenient customizing option called , which are predefined groups of filters, frames and other elements and which make it very easy to customize your photos.After you take a picture, tapping the options, after which you can save or share it.While not a panorama camera app as its name might suggest, Camera360 has several features that clearly show it takes photography seriously.Why limiting to your pets; do it to your roommates too.