My father always encouraged our theorizing, but never told us how the tricks worked, preferring instead to entice us to heighten our curiosity.

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As I became more interested in performing magic, I also became more aware of how my father designed his ingenious presentations.

Knowing his audience – my siblings and me – enabled him to tailor each magic presentation so that we enjoyed the tricks but did not feel he was trying to put one over on us.

These initial and early years of my magical education helped me to see the vast possibilities with magic.

Many of the people I meet feel that a magic trick is a test of their intellectual abilities.

A magician’s unique presentation style is an integral part of the impact value of a trick, yet this aspect is often not given enough attention.

There are so many tricks that magicians practice for hours and hours for the explicit purpose of fooling others.The boolean parameter is a container for one or multiple boolean values, while the Boolean Toggle allows you to quickly change between single true and false values as inputs.Logical operators mostly work on booleans and they are indeed very logical.Si vous possédez un ordinateur et avez accès à internet, vous pourrez suivre vos cours en temps réel avec un enseignant à votre disposition, au moment qui vous convient.Veuillez toutefois noter que les examens ministériels, s’il y a lieu, devront être passés à l’école.Whenever a magic trick is performed, they jump up to challenge the magician, claiming to know the secret to the trick.