I put one pad one my butt hole, one just above it, one... We are entirely focused on the e-stim fetish and the resulting hands-free *******, predicament play, and more!

We carry all kinds of accessories but focus on a wide variety of shapes and sizes of electrode pads, insertables, electrical wires and adapters... I Fantasize And Always Have Of Being Completely Restrained, And Having My Privates Invaded ANd Electrocuted.

The feeling as you shoot electrical current thru your **** and balls is amazing!

I am able to shoot my *** without touching myself by going from a medium current to full extreme current. I came across electrosex on the internet, then when my wife was out of the country for six weeks I bought a kit and started experimenting.

The pads and conducting rings around the **** are good but the greatest for me was the anal probe. I would like to share my experience as I sat here wired to my TENS.

I placed a pad on my `taint and another on my balls at the base of my **** and connected to one pole of my TENS.

I then put a metal ring around the base of my **** and another around the **** head rim and...

I just got my first unit last week and it is great.The problem that I have run into is that I can’t find replacement pads. That aside, I enjoy the two remaining pads, which work... Now I have another (cheap knockoff) of the Folsom, and yesterday I made a huge mistake. I have been stimming with a TENS for about six months and I love it.First was a Folsom, too bad it got wet in storage and ruined! I am also into Sounding and CBT and at full power I can really make my cockhead sizzle. Take the TENS unit and place one lead from A on her ****, and the other one on the base of your ****. That was the year I discovered Electro Sex, only I didn't know it until just recently!!My back feels a little better, so I don't use it much, except in the winter, Ouch!!!I just found out recently that I could get a great kick out of the little thing.And for some reason, as I got older, I started getting curious about what it would feel like going through my body...