This perfume has a very low longevity which is its main drawback.

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Cedar is definitely there but not a masculine type of cedar, very gentle and polite. I went to Dillard's, grabbed one of the 4 testers, sprayed myself generously and left. It was lemony and sporty and fresh and kind of reminded me of a shower, soap and shaving foam, the old-school white foamy kind.

Base is clean musk and light wood, plus something slightly powdery. I hung my cardigan that evening and opened my closet later and got a blast of a cool clean peppery smell.

I was thinking it's Guerlain, but Chanel has so many nice scents that I like. People compare it to Versense, but the two are totally different. Versense is much greener and fresher, Chance eau Fraiche has much patchouli. After initial spray they might seem reminiscent, but that changes very soon.

This smells like yummy candy but it also has sourness which I really like, and some woodiness. This is beautiful and very easy, sweet and sour, not too loud, very elegant just like Chanels are.

Perfect summer fragrance, both for office and day out with friends. I went back to Dillard's and told a sales associate I used one of the Chance fragrances but wasn't sure which one.

When I said 'peppery' she immediately assumed I had tried Eau Tendre.

However, I own, and enjoy, Untold Eau Fraiche and decided to give the Chanel a whirl. the fresh greenness of the opening is generally not my thing, but the lovely woodiness sucks me in, and then of course that voluptuous Chance musk in the base is to-die-for. I can feel the lemon of course, but it's more clean freshness than juicy lemon. Awhile back I asked my older, more sophisticated sister what fragrance she wore.

Chance Eau Fraiche is quite lovely and very much a fresh, daytime fragrance. It's also decidedly unsweet which makes it very daywear/office appropriate. It's never really been on my radar, but my boyfriend saw someone selling an 85% full 50ml for a mere ten bucks on our local FB swap page so he snapped it up for me figuring if I didn't like it, I could swap it on here. What I get the most from this fume is delicate flowers (water hyacint) mixed with pink pepper for sparkling edge. She said she mixes Allure and Chance, without specifying one.

Chance Eau Fraiche by Chanel is a Chypre Floral fragrance for women. But everything else is absolutely great for summer and I would recommend it to people that were looking for crispy fresh citrusy perfumes. It doesnt club you over the head and drag you around the room.