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Although the band's Behind The Music special detailed how close he was with that Fitch guy.

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He just came across like a typical bloated old straight guy, he reminded me a lot of Albert Brooks.

So that's why he hasn't come out, he doesn't have to in the opposite way Richard Simmons doesn't have to.

My ticket entitled me to a backstage meet up, but I was told at the last minute that he was unavailable.

Bartender told me that usually means drunk/coked out etc. He was one of the ones interviewed in that Secret Disco Revolution documentary and you would never know unless you were told.

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They are located in the former location of Pro Green Plus.

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I met him in the early '80s (he was drunk or something) and he was really "out there." By that time, he was becoming kind of homely and I wouldn't have hit it even if I'd had a chance. Everyone in Miami knew about KC and Fitch being lovers as far back as 1973/74 (before they hit the big time). I found out from a female singer who was hugely popular in the '70s who has been a lifelong friend of mine.