A recent research study conducted among business decision-makers recently concluded that the use of Southworth’s fine business papers in resumes leads to more positive impressions and more positive business decision outcomes than documents printed on ordinary copy paper.

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If you're just learning how to write calligraphy, or if you need a different style, a calligraphy template can help you get the results you desire.

There are two types of calligraphy templates: full alphabet templates and downloadable fonts.

In honor of all of our readers who are recent graduates looking for their first job, and to those who are looking for a new gig, we offer these seven free resume templates as our way of making your job search a little easier. Professionally, our resumes are often the first impression a potential employer gets of us. It will come out during the interview or worse yet on the job.

In the same way that it's important to your chances of landing the job to be well-groomed and dressed like you're serious, so should your resume. It takes a lot of time to get spacing and formatting right, and that's time better served focusing on the content, getting in touch with your network, and contacting employers. Some may disagree with me, but I would advise against listing your high school under education.

The rule of thumb is to try and keep your resume to one full page.

This may change later in your life if you become an executive, or are an academic, or have a long list of impressive clients or projects. If you're a recent graduate (congrats) you may not have a lot of work history to fill a page.

However, with the help of calligraphy templates, you can use this beautiful art to enhance your cards, envelopes, scrapbook pages, and any other documents.

As with any craft, the more you practice the more proficient you'll become.

Check out these helpful tips for help downloading the printables.

With its long history and complicated appearance, calligraphy can be quite intimidating to beginners.

Use your computer to create the message and layout you have in mind.