That being said, I’ve only ever seen a woman breastfeeding once and it was on a public bus.

Rita says: Children in China are treated with such reverence that they can do anything they want almost anywhere.

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Breastfeeding Katie says: There are children and babies everywhere in China.

Most of them are cared for by the grandparents – which leads me to believe they are not breastfed by their mothers.

Dating culture in China is very different from Western culture.

Many times people go on dates to test the waters for future marriage matches.

This means they are pressured to find a good job with a high income.

It shouldn’t surprise you to know that being a single child, with the love and attention from six adults, often results in a sense of entitlement, spoiled attitudes, and selfish behavior.

This practice was outlawed when the Communist Party seized control in 1949.

However, with the reintroduction of capitalism many traditional practices began to pop up as well.

Rita says: I believe you can get birth control anywhere due to China’s one child policy.

Recommended Gynecologists and Doctors Katie says: It’s uncommon to find a doctor with a private practice.

Dating Locals Katie says: Many times you will see foreign men dating Chinese women but seldom is it the other way around.