But in October their testosterone increases five-fold. Female red deer select land that has sufficient food for raising fawns.The males that control the best territories mate with the most females.

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This effect was observed particularly in younger couples. Women who don't use condoms are less depressed than women who use condoms, or who aren't sexually active.

Women who do not use condoms become increasingly depressed as time elapses since their last sexual encounter.

The VNO is distinct from the nose's smell faculty-pheromones are a "sixth" sense.

Many scientists believe that the VNO in humans merges into the sinus during fetal development, and that many people do not have a functional VNO.

In most parts of the continental United States, the highest levels usually occur in August and September.

Warm moist air at night tends to raise testosterone, and cold mornings tend to decrease it.A number of studies have shown that testosterone levels are affected not only by medical factors, but by meteorological, conjugal, social, and other factors as well.Men's testosterone is higher during some parts of the year than others.Men's hormone levels are also influenced by their partners.One study (Toronto, Ontario 2006) found that increases or decreases in men's levels of testosterone are often correlated to their wives' menstrual cycles: the husband's testosterone tends to increase when the wife is ovulating, and decrease again afterward.sexual receptiveness in females, and dominance in males.