However, net gold investment demand in 2013 was only 804 mt because Gold ETF’s experienced a massive outflow of 912 mt.

Basically, the gutting of the Gold ETF’s by the gold price takedown allowed investors to purchase that record amount of gold bar and coin.

The following was recently reported by Wolf Richter…

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This will have a significant impact on the price as available supply vanishes.

Again, we have evidence that the gold price surged by $200 when the Dow Jones fell by only 11% in the first quarter of 2016: Today, it’s a totally different ballgame.

Not only is the gold price almost trading at $1,300, the Dow Jones Index is 6,000 points higher than what it was at the beginning of 2016. As I stated above, we could see total gold investment demand surpass 3,000 mt when the stock market crashes.

If the Dow Jones experienced another severe 10-15% correction, we could easily see gold move up by $200. This is bad news because there won’t be the available supply… Furthermore, the highest annual total net gold investment was 1,730 mt in 2011. is down 50% compared to last year I don’t look at it as being negative, instead it indicates a bottom or low in precious metals sentiment.


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The highest annual deficit the market experienced was 198 mt in 2013. For this reason, Central Banks make sure investors continue to put their funds into the Greatest Paper Ponzi Scheme in history rather than in a very rare precious metal called gold.

There is one thing for sure, all Ponzi Schemes collapse, but a 2,000 year history of sound gold money won’t be forgotten.

Total global gold annual supply is approximately 4,500 mt.