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Fearlessness is now in my lungs, in the air I breathe. So, daily you encounter something you think you can’t do and then you prove yourself wrong, again and again and again.

That builds excellence as a habit instead of being an idea or a theory. CM: I think the fearlessness that Fat Girls Dance breeds has created some really amazing, powerful strong women. I look at us holistically, as a group, we are getting better, our dances look better.

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But, I feel Fat Girls Dance forced me to encounter that daily and I had never done that before. Fearlessness is vibrating off of me as opposed to before it was just something I believed in and occasionally delved into. (Laughs)/ Everything else, things that come against me I can say ‘Please, I dance, every week do you know how hard is? CM: Because we made the commitment to do one take every time — and do the dance no matter what and with the choreography, I have to rehearse almost every single day.

Encountering acts of fearlessness on the regular basis is habit-forming. I have to learn the dances and then give them to the girls.

Up to four friends can team up for a not-so-epic adventure to slay monsters, steal loot, rescue the princesses, gobble cake, and defeat the evil Bitter Queen.

Your band of comrades will stab, smash, grab and grub your way through the land of Great Bitten with all the mischief that you would expect from a Fat Princess RPG.

Hype Hair: You have called Fat Girls Dance a “radical act of fearlessness.”. Cathleen Meredith: The idea of fearlessness has evolved and changed for me since I started Fat Girls Dance because I don’t believe I really conceptualized that in the tangible, touchable way.

I’ve always had a fearless mentality and if anything really scared me I was going to do it. I’m not really afraid of anything anymore (short of spiders and what not!

Fan-favorite Fat Princess will make her delicious debut on the Play Station 4 system with the release of Fat Princess Adventures in 2015.