In 1996, Sourkes acted as curator for the touring exhibition, Found Missing: Archival photographs and the new historicity, which PLATFORM presented (then known as The Floating Gallery). Rachel Zolf’s writing practice explores interrelated materialist questions concerning memory, history, knowledge, subjectivity, and the conceptual limits of language and meaning.They show computer and television screens, people sleeping, gamers in Internet cafes, etc.

As part of our commitment to critical discourse, PLATFORM has commissioned a new text by award-winning poet, Rachel Zolf, to accompany this exhibition.

This response takes the form of a one-act play, however the allusions and illusions to online chatter are unmistakable.

These cameras provide access to formerly inaccessible or else neglected sites and subjects.

Their presence on the Internet clocks quotidian reality and more nearly mirrors everyday life than does any other visual modality.

This beautiful baleen whale is currently migrating through Monterey Bay on its way to Baja California, Mexico.

Learn more on our blog The federal Administration has released a plan to open nearly all U. ocean waters, including six areas off California, to oil and gas drilling.

She is also a Ph D Student at the European Graduate School, under the supervision of Judith Butler. v=C50Mj BN7a5A PLATFORM wishes to thank Manitoba Arts Council, Winnipeg Arts Council, and W.

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Zolf recently wrote the screenplay for New York artist Josiah Mc Elheny’s film, , which will premiere at Art Basel Miami Beach this December. Loewen Foundation for their continued support of our programming; as well as our colleagues at Martha Street Studio, and University of Manitoba School of Art, in addition to the following individuals for their assistance in this project: Shawna Dempsey, Larry Glawson, Mary Reid, and Dominique Rey for their sponsorship and assistance with this exhibition.