He had adopted a technique of performing at least one totally kind, selfless act per day, never bragging about it or even mentioning it.

Adam Goldstein is a musical genius who lived life in the fast lane and died too young.

But the DJ AM story is not your standard rock star flameout.

But Adam’s friends understood his true depth and saw how these words offered a window into his complex chemistry.

For the past 11 years, DJ AM spent most of his free time helping addicts—giving them advice, driving them to AA meetings, coaching them towards recovery.

said Long created the DJ AM Memorial Fund in her brother's memory to help those struggling with addiction.

Family spokeswoman Jenni Weinman told the entertainment news Web site Long died May 9.His is a complex tale of pain absorbed and pleasure deferred—of creative triumphs amidst personal tragedies.The life and times of DJ AM are a study in duality.In his final days he had been filming these experiences for a new show on MTV.If anyone seemed committed to sobriety, if anyone knew about the perils and pitfalls of the recovery process, it was DJ AM.I love Adam like a brother, which is why this entire denouement has been shocking and difficult to digest.