Use one of the following methods to transport data across platforms: command to perform cross-platform transport with image copies.

Tablespace transport is sometimes performed by individually transporting the data files that store the tablespace data.

Therefore, you must use command to automate the copying of an entire database from one platform to another.

Until the Data Pump export dump file is imported into the destination database, the data files are not associated with a tablespace name in the database.

In this case, RMAN cannot translate the tablespace name into a list of data files.

This chapter contains the following topics: Cross-platform transportable tablespace is a variation of ordinary transportable tablespace.

All of the restrictions that apply to transportable tablespaces apply here also, such as the need to ensure that all of the objects being transported are completely contained within the set of tablespaces being transported.

You can use RMAN to transport tablespaces across platforms with different endian formats.

You can also use RMAN to transport an entire database to a different platform so long as the two platforms have the same endian format.

Even though the endian formats for the source and destination platform are the same, certain data files must undergo a conversion process and cannot be simply copied from one platform to another.

Data files with undo information and those from the HP Tru64 platform must be converted.

Before converting the database, see the list of Confirm that you meet all these prerequisites before attempting the procedure in this section.

One prerequisite is that both the source and destination platform must share the same endian format.

However, it is not possible to transport a single data file that is part of a tablespace that consists of multiple data files.