In a deal struck under pressure from Major League Baseball, the Indians have now agreed the chief is too offensive to appear on the field.“Often lost in this debate are two obvious points.First, mascots and logos are by definition caricatures, hence the exaggerations.As to whether he was returning for another season, in the immediate aftermath, Brady said: “I expect to be back. And it’s true, there is no more likable guy than Fowler, and he’s been extremely successful off the course with advertisers.“Fowler is always the guy waiting behind the 18th green to congratulate his buddies after big wins.

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In games like this, against a great opponent, you have to make those tough decisions that way and keep yourself aggressive.’”[With left in the game, Pederson went for it again on fourth-and-1 from his own 45-yard line and his team trailing for the first time all night. And speaking of Tottenham, a lot of folks are decrying what they see as a pattern of cheating, best exemplified in Liverpool’s controversial draw with the Spurs over the weekend; Tottenham getting a number of calls when the referees were probably conned.--John Feinstein, writing in Golf World, noted that Rickie Fowler, who blew another 54-hole lead Sunday at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, lost for the fifth time in six tries when leading heading into the final round in a tour event.

He had Foles throw to tight end Zach Ertz and he got 2 yards and the Eagles then controlled the ball for three more precious minutes between Foles hit Ertz for the go-ahead touchdown.--Brady had a 115.4 passer rating and until Sunday, the Patriots had been 69-1 in starts when the rating was 115 or better, the lone loss at the hands of Peyton Manning and the Colts in Week 9 of 2005. Fowler still has just four PGA Tour victories, one being the Players Championship, and Feinstein believes it’s because he is simply too nice.

If Foles can win a Super Bowl picking up where Wentz left off, in fact, who’s to say the Eagles won’t be doubly committed to their young signal-caller?

Who’s to say their confidence won’t skyrocket knowing that, with Wentz healthy and returned to form, they might have a legitimate shot at chasing more Super Bowls?

His contributions look even better if you factor in his training-camp injury and that he really didn’t start fully practicing with the team’s starters until Week 15.

But if you’ve already forgotten just how elite Wentz promised to be during his gigantic leap forward in 2017, well, the Eagles probably have not.

By embracing the Fighting Irish moniker, moreover, Notre Dame transformed an epithet into a source of pride.

That’s why generations of Catholic immigrants struggling to find their place in America cheered every Notre Dame gridiron victory as their own.“Old Chief Wahoo is perhaps America’s least woke sports mascot.

“Philadelphia is a grand old city with a grand old football tradition defined not by trophies hoisted but the cocktail of emotions – nihilistic despair tinged with unfounded confidence – produced by its beloved Eagles coming so close, so many times.“The paradigm shifted Sunday, when a backup quarterback who nearly retired two years ago and who had not taken a snap with the first-team offense until two months ago gave Philadelphia its first Super Bowl title at the expense of the NFL’s enduring dynasty.“For the rest of his life, Nick Foles will be hailed as the savior who matched a resplendent Tom Brady and authored a victory against the New England Patriots for Philadelphia’s first football championship since 1960.“The final score – 41-33 – will lodge deep into the memory banks of a frenzied pro-Eagles crowd at U. Bank Stadium and the millions of delirious fans across the Delaware Valley, who will belt it out at work or family gatherings or watering holes as calculable proof that, yes, the Eagles did, in fact, win the Super Bowl.