If you like swiping, of course there’s Tinder and Bumble.

I don’t typically recommend POF in South Florida because you tend to run into a lot of users from the little islands just south of Florida.

Unfortunately, experts have long observed that higher divorce rates also reign across the same sections of country, so perhaps Christians are mingling a little too much. What’s trending across particular parts of the country?

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Traveling, hiking, kanuing, baseball, walking my two beautiful dogs sky and Bruco.

I am as previously sated a hopless romantic artist/muscian . Someone to laugh as well as have philosophic talks with!

Cupid’s arrows hit the target in online dating apps, which have seen triple the users in recent years.

At highspeedinternet.com, we wanted to speculate about which platforms get used most often to find partners in each state, and if any patterns emerged in our collective search for the perfect match. Niche apps that focus on demographic factors like religion, gender, or lifestyle are on the rise and trending heavily in certain parts of the country.

Lots of recent, trendy dating apps focus on women for a reason.

Most of them are popular in states with some serious girl power going on.We expected to see wide areas of Tinder country, where swiping right is part of the single life.And it’s true that Tinder peppers our map from sea to shining sea. My truest desire craves someones soul to to entiwne with mine...Honestly looking for someone to travel and experience life with.But the unexpected winner of our virtual lonely hearts club?