Their very existence proves that sheer willpower — the will to mold their environments, and themselves, to their advantage — can mean the difference between being the father in this young man’s story and being a better man his son would be proud to call dad. Stories like the above show that betaness is not solely, or even primarily, a genetic curse. Unless he is willing to change, he will only continue to infect you with his beta loser stench.

If you are a man and this story doesn’t reach out and punch you in the sternum, you have no life experience and no heart.

A better advertisement for learning game to overcome beta weakness I can’t imagine.

But focus on the tiny details, fix them one by one, and suddenly a new man appears before you, almost like magic.

If you are a father and you don’t approve of game as a means to pick up women, at least recognize its transformative power to improve your relations with your wife and children, particularly any sons you may have.

A reader emailed a heartbreaking story to the Chateau. I was ready to get in the face of the woman at the register, but i thought it was my dad’s place to do so, since he was buying and he is my father.

I reprint it here in the full because there is so much in it that could serve as lessons in life, alphaness and fatherhood. but he bumbled up to the counter, “um, excuse me, our food was late and we didn’t get to eat it all…” He trailed off.Betaness isn’t some grand scheme or bodily disorder.Betaness manifests in the little things, like a father’s inability to square up to a waitress for bad service or his repressed anger played out in subtle dominance moves over his son.Some of those who know my blog might know the title of this post, at least its first part.Most things to know about surviving a capoeira angola roda were already posted in one of my first posts.The woman behind the counter looks up with worry in her eyes, and offers to give him a free meal and a 50% reduction on the bill. I expect him to be served respectfully.” As i’m beaming with pride for my father, he puts his hand on my shoulder and leads me out of the restaurant. Don’t forget to make fun of her glasses.” Impossible?