Then you’ll get sick of ME TIME, but there will be no prospects and you’ll find yourself in the most epic dry spell. Oh, and try to stop focusing on what you don’t have and enjoy what you do.

You’ll go for months without so much as eye contact with a person you’re attracted to.

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When my date mentioned his appendix had been removed, I couldn’t help but bombard him with inquiries of my own: did he present with transient umbilical pain and subsequent tenderness at Mc Burney’s point, or was his presentation not so textbook? While it would be easy to attribute this date to little more than a social experiment, the experience revealed to me the person I had morphed into since starting medical school: a woman who had unconsciously reacted to her date as she would a patient.

It is expected that as we transition from student to physician, our ability to interact successfully with patients matures.

While many physicians attempt to find common ground by getting to know their patients well, when the existence of one life hangs in the balance, such roles can never truly be equal.

Relationships, unfortunately, are quite the opposite. A partnership based on mutual respect and equality is essential for any love to thrive.

Funny that I can’t even remember why it was a low point.

Probably because I had created some kind of timeline where I imagined that I should have been in a relationship by that point.Yet despite my academic accomplishments, when it comes to love, I often still feel as if I’m the turtle chasing the hare.While many of my peers have celebrated their twenties by attending weekly happy hours and saying their “I do’s,” I’ve spent the last several years racing between a library cubicle and a patient’s bedside. Medical students learn quickly that medicine is far from a job; we come to understand that medicine is a mentality, a way of life.Yet, the nature of medicine also fosters an unspoken separation between a patient and health care professional.It happens the moment we dawn the white coat; its presence reminds both the patient and provider of the fundamental discrepancy of knowledge that exists between these parts, giving this disconnect a tangible quality.To quote myself to myself (how meta), my main point was that I should be patient and do nothing: “In waiting, you’ve grown impatient at times and have tried to force things that weren’t meant to be, fought too hard for something that you knew was wrong, held on too tight to something that was already dead and gone, or pushed people away out of fear. Accept that it’s a mystery and sit down, shut up, enjoy your freaking life, and patiently wait your turn.”, because, like I said, I had lost faith, even in the truth of my own words. Exactly what I told myself to do — be patient and wait my turn — was precisely what led to me running smack into the love relationship I was waiting for. I ran into him on the subway one day and the rest was a wonderful mystery.