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When it comes to contextualising, the sword will need to fall on the entertainer. You don’t understand the mechanics that goes into her end product. Deliver, Deliver, Deliver understand his mood swings. #Switches On Madea Voice Hear my voice echoing right down your eardrum #Switches Off Madea Voice.

The entertainer in the relationship needs to take time out to explain the nature of their work to their special somebody. Go back to what I said last year a) Accept b) communicate and c) contextualise. Song of the week: Rodney Seibeb: /nami Flop of the week: Rocking Gents: Lovey NSK is a professional MC.

Last April we helped you with tips for dummies on how to not only survive but also thrive in a relationship with an entertainer. It’s not a five to eight job where you put on a nice skirt and suit for the day and take it off after five. Hence, they won’t always have the time to stop, pause, and accept an emotion for what it is. “Why must I always be the one to initiate blah blah blah”.

Dating an entertainer kashipu, and hence, one could sum up the consensus at the time in three words: a) accept b) communicate and c) contextualise. Los dei attitude abuti seun; remember what I said right at the beginning? A whole day can pass without getting a text from your entertainer special somebody.

She will have these COTAs with six packs, vraa paas and money that will at every chance try to score her omes. He will upload everything on social media and time will always be an issue.

He will have fans that are cuter than you are meme.

The rumours went viral when Dillish and Adebayor posted photos on their Instagram and Snap Chat accounts.

Dillish shared a photo of herself in a car, and also one watching a live match where Adebayor was playing, while Adebayor then let it slip as he posted a photo of his and hers (Dillish) Balenciaga shoes on Snapchat, and then of himself on a live match.

your person won’t understand the impact it’s having on you. contextualise the intricacies of your work to your neck friend. Have you since tried to follow the Industry Loop 3 step guideline to not only surviving but also thriving in a loving relationship with an entertainer?