Since the Middle Ages the two ceremonies have taken place as a combined ceremony performed in public.According to the Talmud, erusin involves the groom handing an object to the bride - either an object of value such as a ring, or a document stating that she is being betrothed to him.

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The Talmud argues that a husband is responsible for the protection of his wife's body.

If his wife became ill, then he would be compelled, by the Talmud, to defray any medical expense which might be incurred in relation to this; Although he technically had the right to divorce his wife, enabling him to avoid paying for her medical costs, several prominent rabbis throughout history condemned such a course of action as inhuman behaviour, even if the wife was suffering from a prolonged illness.

Today, some sign the contract on the day of the wedding, some do it as an earlier ceremony, and some do not do it at all.

In Haredi communities, marriages may be arranged by the parents of the prospective bride and groom, who may arrange a shidduch by engaging a professional match-maker ("shadchan") who finds and introduces the prospective bride and groom and receives a "brokerage-fee" for his or her services.

Sex within marriage is the woman's right and the man's duty.

If either partner refuses to participate, that person is considered rebellious and the other spouse can sue for divorce. According to the Talmud, a father is commanded not to marry his daughter to anyone until she grows up and says "I want this one".

However, this is a right to the wife and she can release her husband of the obligation of sustaining her and she can then keep her income exclusively for herself. The Bible itself gives the wife protections, as per Exodus , although the rabbis may have added others later.