Amati of Kraslice has been in the instrument-manufacturing business for over 180 years.

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This tradition is alive in the Czech Republic today as well.

The Amistar guitar company has been producing fine resophonic guitars in Prague since 1992.

Technically, there was no such thing as the Jolana or Resonet guitar companies.

The names were only labels used on certain guitars by one big mother company, regardless of where they were actually built.

The last independent firms were forcibly nationalized by the early 1950's.

Once the collectivization was complete, centralized control was forced on everything and any private venture was strictly forbidden.

When I wrote my original article about Eastern European guitars [Guitars of the Cold War, Vintage Guitar Magazine, January 2002], I was still in the process of researching the roots of these instruments.

In the first two installments, I had focused on Russia almost exclusively, though I did mention Jolana guitars briefly.

In 1928, Dopyera and his brothers formed a company to produce these guitars.

The company was called DOBRO for DOpyera BROthers, but the word also means "good" in the Slovak language.

Some of the world's best violins and cellos come from this part of the world.