It was always something but countless doctors, countless tests couldn't tell me what was wrong. Is this something that I am making up for attention?

'Every time they did the new tests and [I'd} get my hopes up and it would come back clean.'They thought I was crazy, they thought I was anorexic, anything you could imagine I had a doctor say it to me. "'It's hard to stay strong when you are doubted by 20 plus doctors.'But as much as Shelby came close to believing the doctors, the agonising pain she endured after eating was proof she wasn't imagining it. I get light-headed, dizzy, headaches – you name it I had it.

A young woman accused of being anorexic by doctors has discovered she actually has a rare condition that blocks her intestines.

As a result, glucose stays in your blood, where it cannot be used as fuel and also harms blood vessels, nerves and organs.

Long-term complications from poorly-controlled diabetes include nerve damage, kidney failure and blindness.'We do not know for certain why this happens, but type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition, in which the immune system mistakes the body's insulin producing cells as harmful and attacks them,' says Mr Kalsi.

It is known to be a complication of scoliosis surgery and trauma. Signs and symptoms: It took several months for Shelby, from Dallas, Georgia, to come to terms with her feeding tube.

SMAS is very rare and occurs in less than one percent of the total population. She eventually posted a picture of it on Facebook, which went viral and the support for her bravery in sharing it flooded in.

It had, and she now has to wear glasses because her retinas - the light sensitive area at the back of each eye - have been damaged, a common complication with the condition.

She also had to immediately start insulin injections - which means counting her carbohydrate intake to calculate how much insulin she needs.That means on some days, if I eat salad and lean meat, I only inject once, but on another day, if I had a burger in a bun, I might inject many times.'The consequences then would have been far more serious. I have to be more responsible than I did before, but I'm coming to terms with living with a chronic condition.SMAS is a digestive condition that occurs when the duodenum – the first part of the small intestine – is compressed between two arteries.This compression results in partial or complete blockage of the duodenum and causes acute pain.Most of the people with undiagnosed diabetes have type 2 diabetes, but some have type 1.' 'It was devastating and very frightening.