During the winter months of the 1903-1904 academic year at New York University, the idea of starting a business fraternity was first brought up. Tremaine was to be invited, but he was not in attendance at the meeting, as he later stated that the invitation had never reached him.

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We have unearthed never-before-seen footage of Kaepernick practicing strolls with his University of Nevada Reno Xi Phi chapter brothers.

Kaepernick recently took to Twitter to rep his beloved fraternity by simply writing, “Yo Yo,” an unofficial call of the Kappa Alpha Psi.

As a result, Alpha Kappa Psi revoked the charter of the Delta Chi Chapter.

The chapter proceeded by changing its name to Delta Chi Delta aiming to be completely independent from its former counterpart.

Title IX prohibited sex discrimination in federally assisted educational programs and amended parts of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

While social fraternities and sororities were exempt from the provisions of Title IX, professional fraternities were included in Title IX.

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On written ballots, Robert Douglas was elected president, Howard Jefferson was elected secretary, and Nathan Lane, Jr. In the spring of 1905, formal application was made to the State of New York for a charter of incorporation for Alpha Kappa Psi. Gabell, and members of Phi Chapter of the University of Michigan, Beta Theta Chapter of Detroit College, and Beta Iota Chapter of Buffalo.

The application was approved and the charter of incorporation for our Alpha chapter was officially issued in the name of Alpha Kappa Psi on May 20, 1905. Membership in Alpha Kappa Psi was originally restricted to men who were "of the Christian faith and Caucasian race." By 1950, the restrictive clause in the fraternity's constitution was beginning to stir controversy on some college campuses.

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