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We asked our friends at Virgin Atlantic to share just a few of the many reasons why you really should consider dating a member of cabin crew After all, who hasn’t dreamed of drifting off in an Upper Class cabin? ) Not only have they been everywhere but they know all those secret hot spots that the typical tourist misses out on!

She was gutted (I mean, not literally - she only had a broken clavicle, but it meant she couldn’t take the job). She was lovely, smart, and knew what she wanted in life.

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When you think of flight attendants, you most likely think of perfect hair and makeup and a warm smile.

Planes might not have a lot of space but cabin crew are on their feet all day – working a flight to New York means 5 miles of walking!

Cabin crew have chosen a career that takes them all over the world, so they’ll almost certainly be up for an adventure. Virgin Atlantic was founded by entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson over 30 years ago after he decided the UK aviation industry needed shaking up and an injection of style.

She came from a tough background and was looking for more.