· Check the name of the attachment and see if it's appropriate or suitable.  · Don't open any email attachments or files if you don't know who who sent them.

Also I don't personally know of any i Phone viruses that can be transmitted via Bluetooth or Wi Fi.

This of course may change in the future, however, at the time of writing this is correct ().

The device can be scanned for viruses, however there are no applications currently created that allow you to do this automatically.

There are several reasons for this that I will explain later.

Again because the kind of people using these repositories are doing so because the applications are free, there is no incentive for an antivirus company to create a paid for virus scanner, since people using these repos are unlikely to actually want to buy software anyway.

Its a catch 22 situation, if you don't pay for your apps you will need a virus scanner of some sort, but there wont be one (why create one for free) and if you pay for your apps then you dont need one (you are in apples walled garden).If you are someone who considers himself a true jailbreak user, then you should know the importance of Cydia repos or sources.We are now in the final quarter of the year, so we thought you will need to know the Top Cydia sources to tide you over for the coming year.Since the creators of these packages are worried about malware, then so should you be.Again let me clarify that the risk is still small at the time of writing but this is only going to increase in time for repositories such as these, which are unofficial and arguably badly maintained when compared to the paid for app store from apple.While the risk is still extremely small, it still a risk and as such you should take care when using these repositories for applications.