Initially there were the promised monthly events, but soon that went down to an event every other month and then only during a special holiday times.

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Great Expectations' CEO physically threatened me – I, too, have had a miserable experience with Great Expectations.

I won't go into the entire story because it would take FAR too long, but suffice it to say that I entered into an arbitration hearing with the Better Business Bureau against Great Expectations, and the BBB determined that I was owed a refund due to GE's misleading business practices.

I spent quite a bit of time trying to get Fisher's phone number, and when I finally did and called him, he ignored my phone calls for two weeks.

When he finally answered and I explained who I was and why I was calling, he began screaming obscenities at me, called me a "piss-ant" and several other vulgar names, and THREATENED ME PHYSICALLY if I continued to demand my refund (which I am legally owed! He screamed at me so much he resembled a cross between a psychopath and a second-grader. Needless to say, my next phone call was to my lawyer.

Another oddity of this business is that they control profiles completely.

You are given a log-in and password that they give you and it can not be changed. I recognized someone in their database who told me their contract with them ended at the start of this year yet his profile was still listed as "active" I attempted to get a refund of my fees as the membership base was misrepresented to me but I was told that I am not entitled to a refund due to the contact I signed. I've submitted my complaint to the BBB and the TX Attorney General's Office. – I just wrote a letter to Connections office thanking them for treating me with such compassion and professionalism.

Miess as an owner of Great Expectations franchises but Citysearch doesn't allow links in reviews.

However if you enter "Michael Miess" and "dating scam" into goggle you will find links to a news story from Tenn naming him as the owner of a Great Expectations franchise involved with claims of fraud and you will also find a Democratic Underground post which cites a Consumer Affairs post entry from "Melissa" of Round Rock in 08, naming him as the owner of Great Expectations.

When I know longer heard about any events planned for the near future, I wrote asking what was going on and attempted to get my money, but was told that the focus had changed.