[changed 10] | [changed to 10 file 2]--- cent | sent -|- [changed 10] | [changed to 10 file 3]--- cent | scent |- Do you want the CHANGE made in file 2? [yes] yes Applying CHANGE from file 3 [line 10] ============ Be sure to verify that the changes you accept produce consistent merged output.

This examination reveals the relationships among versions from the standpoint of their contents (which versions contributed their data to me?

), rather than from the standpoint of their creation order (which versions were created before me? merge selects the closest common ancestor in this enhanced version tree as the base contributor.

It could work with different operating systems — with different MS Windows, and with Unix-like OSes.

To use package you need to download file to place where Emacs find it, and execute following command: .

Instead of displaying the differences, the merge method (Clear Case) or merge (Attache) analyzes them (sometimes with your help) and copies sections of text to the output file: For differences in which exactly one contributor differs from the base contributor, the merge method (Clear Case) or merge (Attache) accepts the change and copies the contributor's modified section to the output file: ------------[changed 3-4]----|--------[changed to 3-4 file 2]--- now is the thyme | now is the time for all good men | for all good people -|- *** Automatic: Applying CHANGE from file 2 [lines 3-4] ============ (Clear Case only) For differences in which two or more contributors differ from the base contributor, the merge method detects the conflict, and prompts you to resolve it.

It displays all contributor differences, and allows you to accept or reject each one for inclusion in the output file.package is available for download from author's page.It could be used with GNU Emacs 20.4 or higher, and with latest versions of XEmacs.If all the contributors are versions of the same element, merge determines the base contributor automatically.It examines the element's "merge-enhanced" version tree, which is the directed graph consisting of the actual version tree along with all the merge arrows created by previous merge operations.In Clear Case only, the -qall option is enabled automatically.