It is an elaborate nighttime feast celebrating powerful change and new spiritual life for those who are initiated into the Church.

At a wedding, this reading signals the new realities and spiritual life that flow from marriage.

(In an ancient language, one word meant both “rib” and “life.”) From the ‘man’ comes ‘wo-man’.

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” She answered, “I do.” At this they allowed their sister Rebekah and her nurse to take leave, along with Abraham’s servant and his men. in the field, and as he looked around, he noticed that camels were approaching. The servant recounted to Isaac all the things he had done.

Invoking a blessing on Rebekah, they said: “Sister, may you grow into thousands of myriads; And may your descendants gain possession of the gates of their enemies! Rebekah, too, was looking about, and when she saw him, she alighted from her camel and asked the servant, “Who is the man out there, walking through the fields toward us? Then Isaac took Rebekah into his tent; he married her, and thus she became his wife.

When Sarah dies, Abraham looks to give Isaac a wife.

This snippet from that story appears to be a pre-arranged marriage, but a second consideration of the text reveals a marriage made by God.

As Catholics we do not look to the Bible’s creation story for biological truths.

Physicians attest that men and women have equal pairs of ribs.

” Then Rebekah and her maids started out; they mounted their camels and followed the man. Meanwhile Isaac had gone from Beer-lahai-roi and was living in the region of the Negeb. In his love for her Isaac found solace after the death of his mother Sarah. Commentary This text is but a piece of a larger story riddled with challenged relationships, unlikely children, and unforeseen circumstances.

Key to the story is Abraham’s total faith that God will provide and guide. Landing in Canaan at a very old age, his barren wife Sarah remarkably gives birth to their son, Isaac.

I can then proceed accordingly.” Laban and his household said in reply: “This thing comes from the Lord; we can say nothing to you either for or against it.

Here is Rebekah, ready for you; take her with you, that she may become the wife of your master’s son, as the Lord has said.” So they called Rebekah and asked her, “Do you wish to go with this man?

Yet even with an abundance of natural life surrounding the man, something fundamental is lacking.