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The Muslim check out associate at the immensely large commercial company Tesco however? Discrimination based on the claim of religious liberty especially by evangelicals is a recurring theme in American history.

The following article by Mark Silk of the Religion News Service outlines this very predicament when it arose in relation to interracial relationships in the mid-1900s, less than 100 years ago: But there are legitimate ways to argue from Christianity that marriage between people of different races is immoral or sinful.

The problem is that a person providing a business in a democratic republic and free(ish) market capitalist society who is not directly addressed by that verse (the baker is self identified as straight) is trying to use it to deny a service. Anyway, in the case that a Muslim works at a bar or a restaurant he or she or they will probably be required to serve alcohol at some point as part of their job. But when he tried to pay for the £55 worth of goods, the female sales assistant told him she could not serve him and he would have to queue up at another till.” Let’s break this down: the employee is in the wrong.

What’s more is that verse is being used to discredit anti discrimination laws that at many points in our country’s history defended the very religious liberty we all worry about on very real and justifiable accounts. Neither the Bible, nor any other major religious text of a major Abrahamic faith (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) ever mention, state, imply, or any way allude to denying services to something or someone you do not agree with for how it or they sin; rather, they merely say do not engage in the act considered sin. Some delicious french delicacy where the wine is cooked out? Requiring the customer to queue up, or finish their transaction, at another kiosk would cause undue hardship on the customer.

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Reach the porn paysite niches you prefer and get a clear view of the 2018 best premium porn sites!Back to the point, Muslims shouldn’t (ideally) drink alcohol and a lot of Muslims don’t. So I would do my job, sell the product, and wish the customer a good day. Why are we able to accommodate both the customer and the employee when a minority religion in the United States or United Kingdom is concerned but not the customer faced with an employee who practices a religion that has been in this country since its foundation and is the overwhelming majority?For one, the baker is also the owner of the bakery.While I support the right of person to practice their religion, conscience and morals to the best of their ability so they may live the life they are most comfortable and secure in, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, color, race, age, disability, etc, the first amendment only allows freedom where Congress itself is concerned.The first amendment protects you and your religion from the government, that much is clear.God said, supposedly, “don’t be gay.” Now how you take that is your business, but I think God, if you believe in God(s), created everyone with the sexuality and love that they were meant to have so if you’re gay, woo! If you’re bisexual, pansexual, demisexual, asexual, queer, questioning, or any of the countless other descriptive labels, woo!