The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, sometimes collectively known as Oxbridge, are the two oldest universities in the United Kingdom.

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The contrasts in architecture in Cambridge are more pronounced, as can be seen when comparing King's College with the neighbouring Senate House.

Oxford is featured more often in literature and the cinema; films with scenes shot in Oxford include Shadowlands and the Harry Potter movies, while Radcliffe Square was used in the filming of His Dark Materials: Northern Lights.

Although Cambridge was the first to accommodate female students, women were not permitted to become full members of the university until 1947, whereas at Oxford this had occurred in 1920.

There are still three colleges at Cambridge which only accept women: Newnham, Murray Edwards and Lucy Cavendish.

The city of Oxford is larger (having a population about 30 per cent greater than Cambridge's in 2007) and has historically been more urban and industrial, whilst Cambridge more closely resembles an agricultural market town.

Oxford is associated with the motor industry (BMW currently produce the Mini in Oxford, and several Formula One teams are based in Oxfordshire and neighbouring counties), whereas the area surrounding Cambridge is known as Silicon Fen -- one of the most important technology centres in Europe -- that has presence of large companies like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, ARM, along with many medical technology firms. However, the sole river is more prominent in Cambridge, flowing through the city centre rather than the two rivers (Thames and Cherwell) which flow around the centre of Oxford.Rivalry between the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge is a phenomenon going back many centuries.During most of that time, they were the only two universities in England and Wales, making the rivalry more intense than it is now.Colleges within each university regularly compete with each other in a variety of sporting and other events (, rowing, athletics and chess), but will pool their talent to form university teams for inter-university contests.Students are normally required to complete an essay or assignment in advance of the supervision/tutorial, which they will discuss with the supervisor/tutor during the session, along with any concerns or difficulties they have had with the material presented in that week's lectures.