I’d been in love with this perfume for years, and when I turned 30, I bought it for myself and it’s now my signature scent.

It’s the first thing I apply in the morning after I’ve washed my face, and it makes my skin look luminescent and glowy without being shiny.

While I’m not someone who requires a full face of makeup before leaving the house (I usually opt for at least a swipe of mascara and some concealer), this makes my skin look so good that now I frequently skip it entirely. A.’s harsh winters or anything, but it can get quite chilly.

We put ours on a few hours before we go to bed and turn them off once we get in, and it’s one of the most luxurious things, ever.

We bought this camera for our daughter when she was a baby.

The optional side ruching adds an interesting visual element, and it’s my go-to uniform when paired with vintage denim for running errands.

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(Bonus: The hidden sole makes them super comfortable.) I hoarded these pens as a kid, and at one point decided they were too youthful to continue using.

I got over that as soon as I rediscovered them in an art store a few years back, and they’re now the only pens I use.

They glide seamlessly, and when I want to add a little punch to my to-do list, I trade in my black or navy version for a sparkly pink.

I love all of Caudalíe’s products, but this radiance serum is a game changer.

Darker reds can be a little too dramatic or feel only appropriate during the holidays, but this shade is playful enough to make it appropriate year-round.