The controversial decision falls against the backdrop of yesterday’s figures from the Pupillage Gateway showing that chambers across the entire Midlands were offering only nine pupillages.

In 2007-08, there were 562 pupillages available; and in 2010-11, there were 1,682 BPTC enrolments.

Current BSB figures, such as they are, also highlight that the biggest slice of pupillages — nearly 24.5% — is in criminal law practice, while 13% is in family.

If the heart rate does not go up enough, you may need more tests.

Another term you might hear for this test result is a categorization of 1, 2, or 3.

If the results are unclear, you may need to repeat the test.

Results that are not normal may mean that the baby needs to be delivered early.

Both areas have been butchered by recent Ministry of Justice cuts to legal aid, and as a result are set to offer fewer pupillages.

In addition, the provinces aren’t exactly where wannabe barristers should be heading for pupillages.

If the results are abnormal, your doctor may admit you to the hospital to deliver the baby early.