I did a few things tactically to destroy that and her near fluency that existed before I ever met her is surfacing.

I explained to the father that there are many things that the kids have not been exposed to in Portuguese yet so the expectation threshold needs to be suspended a bit. In the first lesson we established a plan for her whereby there would be some of the platform’s material used to support concepts for each lesson and give her structure for a sense of security and coming away with something.

She was using a few Portuguese words but we were able to communicate that she is a neurotic perfectionist who would rather stay silent until she knows what she is talking about than to come out with something imperfect.

The whole family is lovely and these conversations with the kids were more routine and while they were communicating fine, the father told me that he was worried about me being bored with the nine-year-old because I was stretching myself a lot to find what he would be most communicative about.

I could and can see the kind of intellectual pressures kids of the more affluent can be under because often the parents became wealthy by being talented in abstract thinking and they full upon an opportunity, and the kids may not be wired in this particular way (conversely it is much worse to think in abstractions and not find the right market or timing and hit the bottle, fall prey to addiction, or otherwise get swallowed up by other mediocre pursuits).

It was here that I learned she founded in 20 years ago this year and they had just expanded to a high end facility in the last year and now she was totally torn of how to handle this.

Does one hold on to their stake if there is resistance and hope that no sabotage or disorder takes over in their absence?

Particularly difficult the path is for the person who knows more or wants more than their peers in their native setting, because even once established in the target country and language, something else invariably happens that elicits a further expansion attempt.

There are many stories I could tell but I’ve been particularly consumed by the plight of a family in Brazil.

He imparted somewhere in between me assessing what to study and where to focus that the reason for his studying is because he intends to sell off most of the family’s assets and move the family to the US for a year, most likely in Florida.

He is in investment and trading and the wife is a dentist concentrated on aesthetics.

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