At first this new relationship and partner seem like a saving grace.Your damaged self-esteem gets a much-needed boost, and you're getting the attention and physical affection you missed so much from your ex.Try not to stray too far from what you will be happy to continue give in the future.

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You should be very thoughtful in how your relationship progresses.

This gives the person on the rebound plenty of time to emotionally take it in and makes the relationship less about hiding from the pain of their break up.

Spend some light hearted time with them doing fun activities.

This will slow down your emotional investment in each other, while opening their eyes to the long term potential of the relationship.

The feelings of loss and emptiness can be overwhelming, and wanting to fill that void can become the most important focus in your life.

This is where the rebound relationship comes in, and oftentimes we aren't even aware it's happening. The rebound relationship begins shortly after the end of an important romantic partnership.

While there are no guarantees in life and love, here are some ideas on how you can best explore the possibilities of a romantic relationship with someone on the rebound, while doing what you can to protect your heart.

The best advice when dating someone on the rebound is to take the relationship very slow.

A rebound relationship is a dating relationship that begins before a person has fully come to terms with the break up of a previous relationship.