His friends and teachers are told that Joon-sang is dead.Ten years later, Min-hyeong is an award-winning architect in the United States.PMP Entertainment later released the drama in VCD and DVD format under the Bahasa title, Kisah Cinta Musim Salji (meaning "Winter Love Story").

Due to overwhelming demand from viewers to watch the series in its original format, it was re-aired on NHK's satellite channel BS2 unedited (in its original Korean audio, with Japanese subtitles), beginning December 20, 2004.

It was the first Korean drama that ushered in the Korean wave in Malaysia, when it aired in 2002 on TV3 dubbed in Mandarin with Malay subtitles.

As he intends to find out about his biological father, whom his mother claims has died, his search to find out more about his father is what made him want to move to the province.

Having an identity crisis in adolescence because of the father he has never met, and blaming his mother for this, Joon-sang believes that no one truly loves him.

Directed by Ahn Jae-hoon and written by Kim Hyeong-wan, the program featured 23 members of the original Korean cast voicing the characters, including Bae and Choi who reprised their roles.

The role of "Sang-hyeok," originally played by Park Yong-ha, was voiced by singer Kang Yo-hwan and "Chae-rin" was dubbed by newcomer Lee Se-na in place of Park Sol-mi.

The story's plot thickens when Yoo-jin's interior design firm is awarded a project by Min-hyeong's architectural firm, and has to work with Min-hyeong.

Yoo-jin sometimes wonders if he is her supposedly dead first love Joon-sang.

Thanks to its enormous popularity, its main actor rose to heartthrob status in East Asia, while its filming location, Nami Island in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, has welcomed more than one million visitors in the last decade.